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YES! I also make some animations in my spare time, if I ever have any left. Check em' out below. This page will always be updated when a new animation is made. 

Spider Man MMMM Freestyle Fan Animation!

I loved the original video but i felt it needed some improvement to its presentation,
so i took it upon myself to animate it!

Animated Version!

Original Video!

MBR battle against Star64 on maplemation.com

Had fun with this one and it was my first MBR (Maplemation Battle Royal - Basically a fight between 2 animators)

(update) - I currently resigned from maplemation.com, I am no longer apart of the forum.

Lovely Complex Fan Animation!

In dedication to one of my old favorite anime's,
I decided to animate my favorite scene from the entire series.

Animated Scene!

Original Scene!